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12 Feb 2014
Do women expect Cheap Formal Dresses 4c's from men There are many men who think they need to be rich and successful before they can find a suitable partner in their lives.I know someone who has a hard time finding a woman because he thinks that all women need to see that a man has all the 4c's before they choose a man as a partner for life.I totally disagree with this.I'm not saying that there aren't women like that, there are, but most women have really simple expectations from men. What do women really want from men?A woman wants a man who can give her a feeling of security, that doesn't mean you have to be rich.It means you must have an ambition in life and know what you want to do.If you are willing to work and give her mental security that you are a responsible spouse, that's already a core ingredient to a healthy relationship.A woman also needs her man to be a good listener and support when she faces problems or when she needs to rant. Women love care and attention too.These can never be replaced by the 4c's unless she is a heartless, materialistic person who's only interested in how deep your pockets are.Women thrive with the care and attention their spouses shower on them.Having a condominium and a fancy Cheap Formal Dresses car are bonuses, not requirements for being a good candidate as a spouse. If you are finding it difficult to look for your soul mate because you believe she needs the 4c's, perhaps you need to change your perspective.Don't be fooled or feel intimidated by outer appearances.At first impression, some women may appear like they need high maintenance or expect 4c's but some women naturally love dressing up and looking good, but that does not mean they are after men who has 4c's. Take time to get to know her, be yourself, nobody likes an 'actor'.You may be surprised that women would prefer you to have a good sense of humor and warmth than of you having a Bridesmaid Dresses Australia fat wallet. I'm a woman and i am here to debunk the myth that women expect 4c's from men.I'm sure all you ladies out there will agree with me and i'm telling you men, don't wait because the 4c's can take a long time to acquire.There are decent women who are waiting for your to sweep them off their feet with your charm and Short Wedding Dresses Australia a sincere smile! .


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