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14 Feb 2014
Forgiving others and quotes on forgiveness Forgiving others and quotes on forgiveness Words have the power to hurt tooi often think about the times when i have felt hurt and insulted by rude remarks from strangers and occasionally from acquaintances.How does it feel to be at the finding end of such insolent attitude?And for no-Fault of mine. Funnily, i don't react in such circumstances.Personally i think deeply hurt, tears blind my eyes some times, unable to resist the harshness of the words but i don't react verbally.Later when i narrate the incident to friends, i am usually penalized for"Not having paid extremely popular same coin, which i've never been able to do so far in life. Learning to forgivewhat is the use of using this method anyway?If a person hurts you intentionally and you also react in the same way, you will see nothing but hatred and enmity increasing between both of you.At the same time, what is the distinction between you and the person who hurt you?Shouldn't you be completely totally more advanced than them and show that you are a class apart from them? It takes two hands to clapbut when you become subdued while putting up a straight face clearly indicating that you have carried out nothing wrong, he/she would even feel self-Conscious(If not at that time, later inevitably)By your silence and calm personality.Passers by who notice Pandora Sale UK this will only see one person shouting or arguing and your lover quiet and composed.This will result in the inference that the crazy man who is screaming his head off is insane. Once in a while, the man screaming may be right if your lover standing in front of him puts his head down in shame indicating that he has done something wrong.But when you stand upright looking into the eyes of the screaming man, people know who is correct.Over the years, the person will start wondering what the topic was all about because there was little or no response from you.It will either put the person to shame or make him move from the place angry and frustrated. "Take into consideration, hurting people often hurt other people through their own pain.If somebody is rude and thoughtless, you can almost make sure that they have some unresolved issues inside.They already have some major problems, tempers, animosity, or some heartache they making the effort to cope with or overcome.The last thing they need is for you to make things worse by responding angrily, Fran osteen, your foremost life now:7 Steps to Living at Your Full extent Draught beer forgivenessall religions advocate the principle of forgiveness.Men and women of all races, color and creed live a life about love and trust.Love and bless your enemies and you'll find them transforming into friends.This are some things i have personally experienced in my life. Do good to people who try to harm you emotionally and you can be certain that they'll be put to shame by your act.Your act will construe them no end, as not many believe in such acts.Give it a shot once, you'll know precisely my point.This makes you happier and more peaceful in life.After all we need to be happy for carrying on our way of life in a smooth manner. The world would be any place to live in if each one of us gave this concept a serious thought.Crimes will diminish and productivity increases by adopting such an attitude.Smile and everything smiles back at you.May love and patience rule our planet, wishing you inner peace during your life! Vellur 14 months ago from dubai degree 6 commenter True wisdom in what you are saying.If individuals follows this, it will be only peace and good will.I guess this comes with many different practice.Decent hub, voted up and revealed. Dghbrh 14 months ago off guwahati, assam, india spot 6 commenter Very wise hub for sure to set up the day with dear rema. Most certainly job done.All votes up and i am revealing this too. Ishwaryaa22 14 months ago at chennai, india value 4 commenter An awe beautiful hub!Forgiveness is a real virtue that should be practised worldwide for a better and peaceful world.Being forgiving helps one in attaining happiness and confidence.Once much more, great food for thinking!Congratulations! Nice sharing.Useful really good.Glad you popular this hub.I am sure it can be done with an effort and a lot of practice.Published votes and the share nithya.


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